Avail Dreamlink LLC est.  2015  dba ADL Call Center

adl call center luxury has a voice

1st luxury call center in the nation!

ADL is a call center which brings the missing link to your business and a vital work ethic to the unified communication industry. While leading customers in every possible way. No missed contacts and no sick days are one of our main advantages. We offer you command center support for business.


ADL brings reliable unified communications to small businesses.  Save labor costs, time, and avoid missed connections with a “No Sick Days” guarantee. Our goal is to give business owners more control and a healthy work-life balance.


Always Available

No sick days or unexpected days-off guaranteed. Customized hours which are convenient and fully meet all the needs of your business.

Qualified Agents

Dedicated creative experts with a minimum of 5 years in the industry of customer care, making customer experience luxurious.

Fair Prices

Stop counting minutes/chats!  As we have predictable and affordable prices and guarantee flat rates for any conditions and opportunities.

Best Offers

We provide affordable rates for expert services at the top level. One of our most popular services is an answering one – Switchboard.

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